Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jenny's 50th Birthday Party- Mudbrick Cafe

The only photo I could find online of Dead Famous People

As they are now minus the drummer (Dons, Wendy, Jenny and Biddy)

The other night we were lucky enough to attend an old bandmate of Dons' 50th birthday celebration at the Mudbrick Cafe on Waiheke. Unfortunately this has been the worst summer EVER here in NZ with almost constant rain and gloom and barely any sun. That night was no exception. However the Mudbrick Cafe is a beautiful place in itself and boosts spectacular views (when you can see them through the rain!). I had never met the birthday girl but she sure knows how to put on a bash! As she still lives in England there was a pretty decent contingent of people who had followed her over here to celebrate her birthday. I'll start with the food (which was amazing) then follow with photos of people.

I totally forgot to get photos of the dessert and the ones I got of the entree and mains were a bit shadowed BUT you should be able to get an idea of the calibre of the food and the night. We started with Pimms, Beer etc and had a lovely choice of Waiheke (I don't remember the name sorry) Pinot Noir or Savingnon Blanc to have with our meal.

Prawn starter

Pork Belly starter

Eye Fillet Main

Snapper Main
The view through the rain

Getting creative with my camera settings

More creativity
Julia, Andrea, Dons, Biddy

Dianne, Dons, Phillys

Andrea, Biddy, Me, Dons

Biddy and Julia

Jenny, Dons, Claire

Sue and Dianne

Dons and Anne

Dons and I

Me with Violet (aka Nikki) an old school friend of's a small world!

It was a lovely night with great food and fantastic people.

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