Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Bit of Ballet for the Oldies

Cupcakes for the dancers and their support 'crew'

Warming up

Sophie about to start her Barefoot

Saskia mid dance with sweet old Margie going for a wee wander

Lexi also warming up

The gorgeous Krystal doing her Classical

Stephanie doing Free Movement

Mikayla doing her Classical- looking stunning in that gorgeous tutu

Ms A introducing Harry

Harry doing his Classical

Stephanie with her Grade 3 Character

Zoe with her own dance number form the Grade 2 exam

Sophie with her Classical


Finally Lei and Cushla with Harry and Saskia

Lexi busting out the moves

And Oli doing the same
Last weekend Dons and I organised for some of the ballet kids to do a wee show for the lovely oldies at a rest home where Dons works. So a small group of us hatched together a 'show' and the lovely Ms A (ballet teacher extraordinaire) brought her two little ones to be a part of it too. The kids did so well and I was so proud of them trying to put a little bit of fun and enjoyment into the lives of others. And it worked. The oldies loved it and just beamed, clapped and cheered along with the staff who also seemed to have a good time. I love that the kids have such a sense of wanting to do something good for other members of the community. Before the show they all went around the residents and introduced themselves and had a little chat. At the end the little ones got up and busted some moves much to the delight of the oldies. All in all a lovely experience and one which left Harry feeling great. Of course a huge thanks must go out to the parents too who gave up their Sunday afternoon to bring their child!

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