Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Harry's 3rd Ballet Competition

Classical Solo

Barefoot- 'Desert Sands'

As you can see by the date this competition was a good few weeks ago. It was held in Pukekohe for the South Auckland Performing Arts Competition. He was debuting his new costumes we had made as well as his Barefoot Dance. After a small tights disaster a few days beforehand (remedied by his lovely tights maker Beata whipping him up a brown pair), and a dog's breakfast Barefoot run through at ballet the night before, he got himself together to earn a VHC for his Classical Solo, a HC for his Barefoot and a 3rd for the Restricted Classical Solo. He was amazing and we were extremely proud of our baby. 

He met a lovely boy who is a year older than him and who loves ballet like he does. The nicest thing was that this little boy and his mum was also like us in that he wished everyone well and was happy for not only himself but all the other kids who competed.

Harry and Aiden---Harry in Classical costume and Aiden in Character 'Russian"

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