Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Summer Holiday

Harry and Cuz Holls

First night dinner....the obligatory BBQ

A very happy Archie

Martins Bay


Pup and Mama

Martins Bay with Pup

And our 'whangai'd daughter Holls

Eating Fish and Chips down at Scotts Landing before a swim

Stunning Scotts Landing in the early evening

Playing in an old tree by the original homestead at Scotts Landing which used to be a real hub of activity with all the Steamboats landing there. It was even turned into a hotel at one stage.

The view from the George and Russell's lounge in the morning....STUNNING!

Keruru (Wood Pigeon) who chose to fly and sit in a tree right in front of us while we were having breakfast 

Thursday saw some of the whanau come for a swim and dinner

Down time with the screens!

Stunning clear water in the beautiful and almost private bay down from the house

Tides on the way in but you get the idea of how lovely it is

Along this way are the only 2 baches (one posh the other done up but still pretty Kiwiana) on this bay...if only I could win Lotto! 
Collecting Kai Moana (cockles) for dinner

Time with Dad after dinner on Friday
I know this is photo heavy! This is from our amazing week away at George and Russ's beachouse in Mahurangi which is about 1 1/4 hours away from where we live. For once we had the most amazing weather with stunning days every day allowing us to swim, swim and swim and just enjoy relaxing. Thanks so much boys for letting us use your gorgeous place. The serenity was fantastic and we had a ball. Now I really need to go back to WW!!!! Hopefully those having winter at the moment might jump on a plane and come to our neck of the can see how lucky we are to live in this beautiful country!

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