Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Millionaires Shortbread

This last weekend was pretty full on and a very busy one for us as our son Harry had his much anticipated big end of the year ballet show. Harry does ballet and tap at a lovely dance academy called Rhythm n Steps in Glen Eden. If anyone is looking for a fantastic dance school with a great family vibe and lots of great dance options for themselves or their children, then I would wholly recommend this academy. We started for just a little bit of before-school-starts fun with Fairy dance when Harry was just 4 years old. Now it's a huge part of our lives as Harry is totally committed and absolutely LOVES dancing. In fact it's all he seems to do all day and every day. The big show at the end of the year showcases all the dancers and dance styles in the school. There are two shows and I was parent help for one of them helping the children to get into costume and making sure they looked the part before they went on stage. However the day before I thought I would whip up a couple of treats for the parent helpers....in fact a few others had the same idea so we were well stocked with treats. I made afghans and this slice. Anyone who knows me will know of my love for all things caramel therefore me making this slice was always going to happen. However, while I have a sweet tooth, even I found this pretty sweet. I think I prefer some of my other caramel slices over this one and I definitely prefer a caramel slice without chocolate on top. Anyway if you want to make this super sweet and decadent slice you can find it here.

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