Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Feijoa Friands with Cream Cheese frosting

For the last two days I have been stuck inside looking after a sick Harry. To say that it is impossible to overdose of Cartoon Network and Children's movies would be a lie. Today I couldn't bare it any longer and just HAD to turn it off before I went crazy. Luckily Harry is on the mend so he was quite happy playing on his Playstation (which almost never gets used) instead, as well as drawing and 'making things'. I only had a few criteria for him which was to stay warm in his PJ's and slippers, no running around and to clean up after himself. We managed the first two but weren't so lucky with the third one. It's just as well he didn't manage to get into creating in full-on mode! 

While he was otherwise engaged and children's TV turned off, I turned to the main way I know how to relax which is to bake. I had some spare egg whites in the freezer so thought I might try these Feijoa friands from Helen Jackson's new book. As feijoas are pretty much out of season now, I remembered that I had some frozen in the freezer too. One thing I find with fruit like this is that they can make the cake/loaf or whatever else you are making a bit heavy and sometimes a bit 'gluggy'. Maybe this is because of the moisture content in the fruit- especially if it has been frozen first. 

I had to make these in my muffin tins as quite possibly one of the only tins I don't own is a friand one. I have also never made friands before, nor do I often eat them, so really had no idea of what to expect. The mixture itself is pretty easy and I did substitute the flour with rice flour as Dons is gluten free. I don't think this affected the end result all that much. However the one thing I found is that the end result was quite heavy. I think this is from the fruit but who knows. They are still really quite nice to eat, and lets face it, anything with cream cheese frosting has got to be that much better than it would have been unadorned with this delicious icing. 

Regardless of how good or bad they taste they will have to be given away to the neighbours as Dons found them too sweet, Harry isn't all that into them, Reuben is going to his Nana's house for the night, and I now have a very sore throat thanks to Harry, so I will be avoiding sweet stuff anyway. I'm hoping that a good sleep will put my sore throat to rest but as I sit here swallowing like just check if it is still sore, I think that may be a long shot. Anyway if you want to make these a similar recipe can be found here just substitute 1c of feijoa puree for the rapsberries. 

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